I came across an arguement on the web that stated a perfectly wonderful burger could be made with nothing but good ol'beef and S&P. No egg, no crumbs, no fancy seasoning...nothing.

The article says a lot of other stuff too, great stuff, like grinding your own meat....um...not only do I not have a meat grinder...oh wait...yes I do...but still..who has the TIME? Oh.....me? Well...yes, but still......there is a certain lazy factor in place here...so I used plain old lean ground beef for these burgers. Please feel free to grind your own! or use supermarket fare...either way, this makes a great burger!

Start with ground beef -- no particular amount here because, well...there's no real recipe! (I think I used about a pound for three burgers).

Form into patties, note the centre divit....burger lab says you will avoid "meatball burger" by doing this. IE your burger will maintain it's 'discular' shape.

I usually chill the burgers for a little while at this point, usually while I prepare the 'sides'...more to come on that. Preheat your BBQ at this point as well. Salt burgers liberally with Salt and Pepper before BBQ'ing!

Once the BBQ is hot...I used medium high heat in this case and get the burgers on the grill.

Flip! At which point is up to you...takign your desired 'doneness' in mind.

A few minutes before the burgers are done top with cheese if desired. You can toss your buns on to toast too if you like.

Once cheese is sufficiently melted, remove burgers from grill.

Top as desired! And serve with....Lemon Potatoes 2.0!

Feel free to squash burger to fit it in your mouth!

Kristen's Kitchen

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